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'' Dedicated to quality dentistry at an affordable price ''

At Emu Dental we are committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient. We take great pride in providing professional excellence using the best quality materials, and state-of-the-art equipment, while keeping treatments affordable.
Emu Dental was established by Dr Russell Woods, who graduated from the University of Manchester, with a Bachelor of Dental degree. Since that time he has kept at the forefront of dental excellence, embracing new technology and ideas to ensure that you, his patient, always receive the best possible dental care available. At Emu Dental, we have an enthusiastic and friendly team in order to make your experience with us relaxing and enjoyable

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Our Services

Our wide range of dental services is something we are particularly proud of, you will find just about any dental treatment you may need offered by Emu Dental. This means that you can be sure of receiving affordable quality dental services from a dental team who genuinely care about your dental health and who want you to enjoy having a beautiful and healthy smile. Our services range from general dental treatments, to the very latest preventative and restorative dental techniques that are designed to help your natural teeth last as long as possible.

Dental Assistant

Preventive Dentistry

A Happier, Healthier You

Preventative dentistry is a combination of treatments that will help keep your teeth and gums in the best possible condition. Preventative dentistry procedures offered by Emu Dental include hygiene appointments and treatments for gum disease. Your preventative dental care routine extends to home dental care, as brushing and flossing regularly will prolong the life of your natural teeth and can prevent tooth decay and gum disease from developing. With patient education a huge part of preventative dentistry we can offer you customised advice on home dental care and how to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.


General Dentistry

Quality Care

General dentistry covers a wide range of treatments designed to detect and treat common dental problems. Treatments include your regular dental exams and more advanced procedures such as tooth extractions and root canal therapy.

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Children's Dentistry

Here For You

Our children’s oral health is so important, from the very young through to teens encouraging a routine of good practice in their oral health is so important. Our children’s dental services focus on preventative dentistry, We can work with you to help your child grow up with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dental Surgery

Restorative Dentistry

Here For You

Teeth can become damaged through decay or trauma and when this occurs it is important to repair them with restorative dentistry. Repairing these teeth prevent any further decay and infection, preserving the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure. Once they have been restored, your teeth will be able to function properly and will have the correct appearance.
We have successfully restored thousands of damaged smiles so there is no need to feel concerned or embarrassed if your teeth are less than perfect. With our comprehensive range of affordable quality treatments, we can soon have you laughing and smiling with confidence. If you have put off going to the dentist for years then please do not despair as there is always a solution that will help you.



Quality Care

Orthodontics is an advanced treatment that can help re-position misaligned teeth so they will look more attractive and can bite together correctly. Orthodontic treatment for children can also help create more space for emerging teeth with early treatment useful in guiding jaw and facial growth, helping a child to achieve an attractive facial profile. To achieve these aims, orthodontics can use a number of different braces and other appliances which may be fixed or removable. These include expander's to create more space in a child’s growing jaws and clear and fixed braces to correct more complex issues.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

A Happier, Healthier You

Your smile can be a valuable asset, both for your professional and your personal life and is unique to you. We Care about your general health and well-being, and cosmetic dentistry will help improve the appearance of your teeth, enabling you to get the very best out of life by improving your self-esteem and self-confidence. At the same time, some treatments may help improve your oral health. There is no need to put up with stained, broken down teeth, or with unsightly gaps in your mouth when the solution could be easier than you think. Our dentists can work with you to create a smile you can be proud to show the world.

Dental x-ray

Our Practice

At Emu Dental we have invested in the most current technology available, such as our in-house digital x-ray machine and intra-oral cameras to ensure top quality dental care for our patients.
Modern dentistry is in a state of constant innovation in both technology and dental procedures. That’s why, by keeping up-to-date with these advances, our dedicated team is able to provide you with the very best standard of care.

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Meet The Dentists & Oral Health Therapist

We recognise that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.

Dr Russell Woods

Principle Dentist

Dr Russell Woods is the principal dentist at Emu Dental. He graduated from Manchester University with a bachelor of dental surgery degree in 2006 and is a member of the Australian Dental Association. Dr Woods is experienced in a variety of treatments and has a reputation for excellence; known for his comforting and relaxed work environment, ensuring the highest level of quality & care for his patients. Dr Woods is also a very dedicated family man and loves spending time with his wife Louise who is also the practice manager and their two children.

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Dr David Woods


Dr David Woods completed a Bachelor of Dentistry at the University of Manchester in 2009. Dr Woods has a caring and gentle approach to providing dental treatment. He is a strong believer that prevention is better than a cure, and places a special emphasis on educating his patients on oral health problems and how to better care for their mouth. In his spare time, David enjoys keeping fit.


Dr Bronte Alexander


Dr Alexander is local to Yeppoon and a familiar face to many in town. She attended St Ursula’s college before later qualifying with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from James Cook University. 
Dr Alexander has practised dentistry both in the private and public sectors, bringing valuable experience to our practice. 
In her free time Dr Alexander enjoys beach walks and travelling. 
Dr Alexander is extremely passionate about her work and proud to be serving her community. Her special interest is in preventive dentistry.
We are confident that Dr Alexander’s gentle touch and warm personality will allow you to feel relaxed during your visit. 


Dr Sunita


Dr Sunita completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree in 2003. Following this, she spent a further 3 years at University, completing a Masters in Orthodontics degree in 2006. Having a passion for creating beautiful smiles using braces and invisalign (invisible braces), Dr Sunita has since focused exclusively on providing orthodontic services for her patients for the past 13 years. She has also held the role of Associate Professor of Orthodontics, responsible for the teaching and training of postgraduate orthodontists at University. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, Dr Sunita is extremely talented in the field of orthodontics.
In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and travelling.


Kobi Lachmund

Oral Health Therapist

Kobi is passionate about preventative dental treatment and believes that the prevention of oral disease can be achieved through patient education, empowerment, and oral health tips. She believes that building patient rapport is key in providing successful dental treatment and building patient confidence.
Kobi Lachmund graduated from the Charles Sturt University in New South Wales with a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2018 . As an Oral Health Therapist (OHT), she is dual qualified as a dental therapist and dental hygienist. As an OHT, she can provide oral health assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management and preventive treatments for children and adults.
Kobi is a perfect fit for Emu Dental with her sweet, calming and gentle nature. Not only will she have you relaxed for your individual preventative care visits, but she also enthusiastically partners with you for your ongoing health maintenance program.


Meet The Support Team

Our team of  support staff help us provide the very best quality dental treatment to patients.

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Louise Woods

Director/Practice Manager

Louise has been working with Dr Russell Woods ever since they were preparing to open the practice. In the early days, she was both his dental assistant and the receptionist. In the years since then she has taken time off to raise their children, but has been back in the office since their youngest started school. Louise says:
“It’s very exciting to see the way our practice has developed into what we envisioned from the beginning. And I am so proud of Russell for pushing himself so hard over the years to become the phenomenal dentist he is now.”


Jessie Roberson


Jessie loves meeting new people, and enjoys being a friendly face for those patients that may be nervous upon entering a dental practice.
She hopes to bring a sense of calm and comfort to individuals who step foot in our practice, Her bright attitude creates a positive atmosphere. Jessie will do all she can to help you have a pleasant experience with us.


Vicki Hargreaves

Dental Assistant

Vicki is able to adapt and bring a sense of calm to any situation. Vicki also ensure's that every patient’s needs are met and that they are comfortable throughout their dental journey at Emu Dental.
Vicki has over 15 years of experience in the dental industry. Vicki generally works alongside Dr Sunita Godwani carrying out orthodontic treatment on both adults and children. Vicki loves her job and helping people to want to smile again.


Haylee Taylor

Dental Assistant

Haylee is a dental assistant and has worked alongside Dr Russell Woods for the past 7 years at Emu Dental. 
She will ensure that you feel comfortable and cared for throughout your experience.
She loves helping to create beautiful smiles.

Covid Policy

We are committed to the safety of our patients and staff through the Covid-19 pandemic. We have implemented the Australian Dental Association’s ‘Risk management protocols’ in accordance with QLD Health Government. A Covid-19 safety plan is on site and is regularly updated in keeping with changes and directives by QLD Government.

The ways we are keeping our patients safe;

  • All patients are Covid-19 pre-screened prior to attending their appointments.

  • Designated seating that keeps 1.5m between patients.

  • All books, magazines have been removed from the waiting room.

  • Alcohol hand sanitising upon entering reception, clinical areas and leaving the surgery.

  • Correct and appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment for staff during patient procedures.

  • Any team member who is in unwell or who has an elevated risk of COVID-19 exposure will not attend work until better or safe to do so.

  • Pre procedural patient mouth rinses.

  • Patients are encouraged to come alone to appointments, Where necessary one accompanying person will be allowed to attend, this is to keep numbers within the building to an absolute minimum.

  • A high level of infection control is applied throughout the clinical areas of the surgery and higher frequency environmental cleaning in non-clinical areas is conducted between patients using TGA approved disinfectants at all ‘high touch’ points.

  • We are an accredited practice with QIP AGPAL. We follow and apply infection control processes with accordance to Australian/ New Zealand Standards.

Covid policy

All patients will be pre-screened over the phone when making appointments and 48 to 24hrs before their appointments.

If you suspect you or anyone in your household may have been exposed to Covid-19 or possibly have Covid-19 and are experiencing symptoms (even minor ones) you must notify our staff prior to attending our clinic.


  • general unwellness

  • dry cough

  • fever

  • runny nose

  • headaches

  • sore throat

  • body aches

  • tiredness

  • loss of taste or smell

  • gastrointestinal upset (sore stomach and or diahhorea)

You must also notify our clinic prior to attending appointments if you have:

  • Recently returned from overseas or have been involved in or have visited a known Covid-19 cluster or Covid 19 hot spot.

  • You must also inform our clinic if you or anyone in your household is in isolation or has had a Covid-19 test in the last 2 weeks even if the test has returned ‘negative’.

These changes will be in place until further notice. Whilst these measures are in place we will be continuing to provide you with the highest standard of dentistry and clinical care. However, we do apologise for any inconvenience or delays that are caused by these measures and appreciate your understanding during this time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 4939 2400 or email us at emu.dental@live.com.au

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Health Funds

Emu Dental is proud to be network provider's for the following health funds:

What does being a network provider mean? 
Emu Dental is a specially selected network provider this means if you are a member of the following health funds, we are able to provide high quality dentistry at generally lower fees, and reduced out-of-pocket expenses compared to non-preferred provider dental practices.


Medibank Private

Good news Medibank members !!

Not only are we a preferred provider of Medibank, we have recently upgraded to their brand new Members’ Choice Advantage network! 

What does this mean for you?

Medibank members who visit a Members’ Choice Advantage network dentist receive

  • 2 x NO GAP dental check-ups & cleans including x-rays (if necessary) 

  • 1 X NO GAP mouth-guard per calendar year.

  • 2 x NO GAP fluoride treatments per year

It gets even better, your No Gap check-ups don’t come off your annual dental limit. 

*waiting period may apply (services must be 6 months apart)



Emu Dental is pleased to announce that we have recently joined the Bupa Members First Platinum Network!!

If you’re a Bupa member with combined Hospital and dental extras, you can enjoy gap free regular dental check-ups and other preventive services, up to yearly limits.

It’s just another way we’re making it easier for you to get preventive oral health care.

No gap dental services 

Pay nothing on the following preventive services:

  • Your regular dental exam (2 per year)

  • Scale and clean (2 per year)

  • X-rays 

  • Fluoride treatments

  • Mouthguards 

*up to annual limit (services must be 6 months apart)

WESTFUND Hi-Res (revised).jpg


 At Emu Dental Westfund members can benefit from no out of pocket costs on selected preventative dental services*, up to their annual limit.* Westfund members on any Extras only or Combined Hospital and Extras policies are completely covered for preventative dental services, including

  • 2 x NO GAP check-ups per year

  • 2 x NO GAP clean & Polish per year

  • NO GAP x-rays (when necessary)

  • 1 X NO GAP mouth guard per calendar year

  • 2 x NO GAP fluoride treatments per year

​* waiting periods may apply (services must be 6 months apart)

tuh logo.jpg

Teachers's Union Health

At Emu Dental Members on any extras cover (excluding Basic Extras) can get preventive dental treatment with no out-of-pockets

Pay nothing on the following preventive services:

  • 2 x NO GAP check ups per year

  • 2 x NO GAP Scale and cleans per year

  • X-rays (when necessary)

  • 2 x NO GAP Fluoride treatments per year

For members on Ultimate Choice, Easy Choice, Comprehensive Extras and Family Extras, there’s no limit on the number of preventive treatments with no out-of-pockets.

For members on Active Choice, Young Choice, Mid Range Extras and Healthy Options (60%), preventive treatments are no out-of-pockets up to your annual general dental limit.

Members with Basic Extras have lower out-of-pocket costs** for preventive dental up to your annual limit.

(services must be 6 months apart)

smile logo.jpg


Emu Dental is proud to have partnered up with Smile.com.au to provide affordable dental care to our patients. Members of Smile.com.au receive quality dental care at up-to 15-40% of normal practice fees. If you are with Defence Health, Australian Unity, GMHBA, Frank, Budget Direct, Health.com.au or Peoplecare you automatically get Smile membership for free!



At Emu Dental, HCF members (dependent on your level of cover) will receive one or two NO GAP:

  • Check-ups per year

  • Clean & Polish per year

  • X-rays (when necessary)

  • Mouth guard  (1 per calendar year)

  • Fluoride treatments per year

* subject to your available limits (services must be 6 months apart)


Commonwealth Bank Health Fund

At Emu Dental CBHS members will receive:

  • 2 x FREE free dental check-ups per year

  • 2 x FREE scale and cleans per year

  • 2 x FREE fluoride treatments per year

*services must be six months apart.



The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) offers a total dental benefit entitlement to eligible children that is capped at $1,000 per child over a two calendar year period.

How to find out if your child qualifies? 

Log online to your Medicare account at mygov.com.au or call the Medicare general enquiries line on 132 001. 

Eligibility for CDBS?

  • CDBS is available for children between the ages of 2 and 17 years old

  • The benefit is available to those children who are eligible for Medicare

  • The family of the child must receive an applicable government payment, for example, the Family Tax Benefit Part A​ 

What Treatments are included under the CDBS?

The CDBS provides individual benefits for a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions. Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital.

If you have any questions regarding CDBS, or you would like to check you child's eligibility, Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly reception team.

dva logo.png


Emu Dental are always happy to welcome veterans to our practice. We are registered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide subsidised dental care.
If you’re an eligible member of the veteran community with a Gold Health Card, you are entitled to claim a range of dental subsidies that will leave you with little or no out-of-pocket expenses for treatment at Emu Dental.
Applicable services which are subsidised under the scheme include general and preventive dentistry, dentures, crowns, fillings and other treatments.
To find out more, or to check your eligibility, please contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Payment Plans

Enjoy flexible payment plans for all types of treatments and procedures at Emu Dental.

To help reduce your financial burden on your next treatment, Emu Dental offers all eligible patients a Dental Payment Plan that extends stress-free credit whenever you need it – so you won’t have to avoid treatment or be made to pay the full amount all at once.

One of the ways we do that is by making our quality treatment services more affordable and accessible to you. We offer our patients the National Dental Plan (NDP), powered by Humm.

What does that mean to you?

The National Dental Plan offers patients an interest-free plan to spread treatment costs over smaller fortnightly payments. It’s really that simple and transparent. Read on for more details and benefits.

National Dental Plan Benefits

Zero interest ever! You pay: A once-off establishment fee of $70 + Monthly Account Keeping Fee of $8.

No Payout fees! You won’t be locked into a contract with hidden exit fees. When you’re ready to make additional payments or pay in full, there are no extra fees to pay.

Easy, discreet and stress-free application that takes only minutes to complete. 

Pay only 20% standard deposit.

Am I eligible for National Dental Plan?

To qualify for the National Dental Plan, you will need to meet the following basic criteria:

  • Have a bank account or credit card

  • At least 18 years old

  • Australian citizen/permanent resident with driver’s licence

Employed/self-employed (30+ hours per week) or Aged/Veteran pensioner​ 

To find out more information call reception on 4939 2400 or go to www.shophumm.com.au


We Are An Accredited Practice !

We’ve been recognised  for our high standards. The team at Emu Dental is proud to announce that we’re now Accredited.

What This Means For You?

A practice that has achieved this accreditation has demonstrated their commitment to providing excellent dental care. Accredited practices are also committed to continuously improving these standards. Accreditation is voluntary but when you choose an accredited practice you can be sure you are receiving high quality dental care from a dental practice which adheres to strict protocols designed to ensure patient safety.

What This Means For Us?
We assure you we are committed to ongoing improvement of the policies and procedures that govern our dental practice, providing assurance to patients, staff, colleagues and peers that we are committed to quality, safety and excellence across all standards.

Accreditation is independent recognition that we have met the requirements based on a defined criteria and set of standards that all practices can be judged equally against. Accreditation provides assurance to our patients, staff and everyone associated with the Practice that quality and performance standards have been met and are being constantly evaluated and improved upon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

Listed below are some commonly asked questions we hear from our patients. If you have a more specific enquiry, contact us on the 'get in touch' button below.


What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally present in varying amounts in many foods and some water supplies. It is also used in many consumer dental products. Fluoride strengthens teeth making it more resistant to decay. Since Queensland’s water supply does not contain fluoride, it is important to use fluoride containing toothpastes, mouth rinses, and gels topically to gain the added benefit of preventing sensitivity and tooth decay.

Why Do Teeth Get Cracks?

A common problem is that teeth will crack, either due to trauma, grinding, clenching, decay or heavily filled teeth. “Cracked Tooth Syndrome” relates to a variety of symptoms and signs caused by a crack or many cracks in a tooth. Early diagnosis is needed to improve the chances of saving a cracked tooth.

Symptoms include:

  • Sharp and erratic pain upon chewing or after release of biting pressure: not all cracks cause pain.

  • Sensitivity to cold or hot foods/drinks, or sweets

  • Difficulty in pinpointing which tooth hurts, either upper or lower

If you suspect that you may have a cracked tooth, discuss this with your dentist.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

They’re the last teeth to erupt in the back of your mouth. Usually, they erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Occasionally, though, they find their way our much later than that; some never erupt at all.
Thanks to evolution, we’re evolving into the proud ownership of smaller jaws; unfortunately our teeth aren’t quite keeping pace. Most of our jaws only have room for 28 teeth; we have 32.
Basically, this means that the last teeth to erupt, which are the wisdom teeth, have nowhere to go if there’s not enough room remaining.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is caused by the bacteria found in plaque. If plaque is not regularly removed, it calcifies into a rough, porous deposit called calculus, or tartar. By products of bacterial metabolism irritate the gums, making them red, tender, swollen and more prone to bleed.
Eventually, the supporting periodontal structures begin to breakdown. The result of this slow process is tissue loss, bone loss and eventual tooth loss.

What Does Periodontal Treatment Involve?

In the earlier states of gum disease (mild to moderate periodontitis), most treatment involves scaling and root planning. The procedure aims at removing plaque and calculus from the surface of the tooth adjacent to gum tissue.
In the majority of early gum disease cases, treatment entails improved home care techniques and scaling and root planning.
Advanced cases may require surgical treatment.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Gum Disease?

Conscientious removal of plaque by flossing, brushing and regular professional cleanings will minimise your risk of gum disease.
However, there are other factors that can affect the health of your gums, such as stress, diabetes, genetics and pregnancy.

I Have A Number Of Black Fillings, What Can Be Done To Improve This?

The black filling material used in your teeth is amalgam. It has been used as a filling material for over a hundred years; it’s still one of the strongest materials available.
However, it’s about as unattractive a filling material as you can get. There are a number of other tooth-colour restorative materials currently available that can be used to replace old amalgams.

Why Do I Need Xrays?

Radiographic or X-ray examinations provide your dentist with an important diagnostic tool that shows the condition of your teeth, their roots, jaw placement and the overall composition of your facial bones.
X-Rays can help your dentist determine the presence or degree of periodontal disease, abscesses and many abnormal growths, such as cysts and tumours. X-rays can also show the exact location of impacted teeth. They can pinpoint the location of cavities and other signs of disease that may not be possible to detect through visual examination (such as changes in the jaw bone structure as a result of systemic disease).

I Brush My Teeth Constantly But Still Have Bad Breath, What Can I Do?

Brushing and flossing are definitely the first steps to eliminating bad breath. Brushing and flossing remove bacteria responsible for creating odorous sulphur compounds and the food they feed on. However, bacteria hide not only on and around the teeth but also on the tongue under a layer of mucous. Here they are free to create odours.
It is best to brush your tongue daily or you may want to consider a tongue scraper. Both are extremely effective at removing this protective mucous layer from the back of the tongue.
The latest products on the market for bad breath are toothpastes and mouthwashes containing chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide neutralises the odorous sulphur compounds, instead of simply covering up the odour.

When Should Children Start Coming To The Dentist?

Visiting the dentist for the first time is all about making kids feel comfortable. It is great to have children happy and excited to come and see us. It is important that they experience the dentist before they get exposed to the negative images on TV or stories in the playground.
From around 3 they can come and have a ride in the chair, we'll count their teeth, all the while looking for early problems.
From about 5 they can have a check up, clean and brushing instruction.
At around they age of 6, the permanent molars begin to erupt so it's very important to maintain regular check ups at about this time. Protecting the permanent molar teeth with fissure sealants has been shown to be the most effective preventive strategy to keep teeth decay free.
Of course, if you have a particular concern, please call us whatever the age of your child.

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